ESE provides the world's best performance and quality with advanced solder printing technology

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All of our executives and employees have the consistent belief that customer growth and development is the foundation for ESE’s growth.

We are a company that develops and supplies SMT & Semi backend printers with super-gap technology for Customer First.
The printers provided by ESE are supplied to companies that manufacture all electronic circuit products, including mobile phones, semiconductors, automobiles, and home appliances.
ESE products have already been qualified and approved by world-wide customers.

To meet every customer needs, ESE has been keeping the strong R&D and providing Standard SMT printer, Super large board printer, Compact Back-To-Back configurable printer, Auto Stencil changeover printer for world-wide EMS.

With ESE owned advanced technology, ESE has been providing Semi Backend Printing Process printers for major customers and trying to develop much advanced functional technology to follow up each customer demand.

ESE Patented Vacuum Enclosed Print Head system will contribute customer solder disposal ZERO and much high-level printing solution provide. And Auto stencil changeover and Stencil auto changeover docking unit etc. based on ESE owned technology shall lead and guide a production line to automatic system as like Industry 4.0

ESE, as a creative and innovative company, will try to stand our ground for Social contribution and ESG management for world-wide customers.

ESE promises to be a company with customers and all of our executives and employees will continue to challenge and grow as a global Top supplier & company that “provides best services for a wonderful future and the best customer satisfaction” and contributes to humanity and society.

Thank you.

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Hyungrae Ko

Management Philosophy

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reliable Company
  • Eco-friendly, Cost-effective solution provide
  • Honesty and Principle
  • Sustainable Management
  • Training Human Resources
  • Growth together with customers
  • Super-gap printing solution
  • The leading company of packaging printing solution


  • 2022.12 : Patent registration for Vacuum-enclosed print squeegee
  • 2023.06 : Developed Hybrid stencil cleaning system
  • 2023.06 : Developed 6 Stencils auto changer
  • 2022.06 : Established ESE Vietnam corporation
  • 2021.09 : Moved headquarters and factory to Poseung-eup, Pyeongta
  • 2020.02 : Patent registration for Mask auto changer
  • 2020.02 : Patent registration for stencil auto changer
  • 2019.04 : Established ESE Taiwan branch
  • 2018.09 : Established ESE Japan corporation
  • 2017.02 : Established affiliated ESE R&D center
  • 2015.02 : Patent registration for High pitch squeegee
  • 2014.06 : Established Service office in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 2014.01 : Developed Full Auto US-2000XF
  • 2013.11 : Patent registration for auto solder dispenser
  • 2013.04 : Patent registration for auto block and mask changer
  • 2010.07 : Patent registration for dual lane screen printer
  • 2008.10 : Developed screen printer for large-sized PCB
  • 2006.11 : Moved Headquarters and factory to Pyeongtaek
  • 2005.12 : Patent registration for screen printer
  • 2005.10 : Launched SPS-3000
  • 2004.02 : Developed screen printer for semiconductor
  • 2003.08 : Acquired ISO 9001, ISO14001 certification
  • 2003.02 : Obtained CE certification
  • 2002.04 : Established ESE China corporation
  • 1999 : Developed screen printer
  • 1996.11 :  Developed SMT nozzle
    Developed screen printer
  • 1996.11 :  ESE was established

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Leading Edge & Advanced Technology

welfare benefits

Pleasant working environment

There is an in-house cafeteria and snack bar.
Refreshing snacks and a pleasant working environment provided.

Support for various congratulations and condolences

Congratulations and condolences expenses and wreath support
Holiday leave and gift support

Self-development support

Support for ability development education expenses
Support for taking nationally recognized training courses

Various reward systems

For long-term employees and excellent employees
Recognition and reward payment

Performance Share Incentives

According to company management performance
Employee incentive payment

Amenities operation

Operating an on-site restaurant
Operating an in-house cafe
Lounge operation

Various support systems

Dormitory support, children’s tuition support,
Employee loan system, support for communication expenses,
Various support systems such as vehicle support

Year round event

Workshops, picnics
Department dinners, New Year’s parties, year-end parties, etc.


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Headquarters / Factory
Incheon office(Affiliated R&D center)

Address : 312, Bangchuk-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon

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